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Daryl L. Hunter -  Author/Photographer/Guide/Speaker based in the  Yellowstone Region

Daryl L. Hunter

Production prints and licensing photos can be done at the shopping cart.  If you prefer higher quality Fine Art Prints, contact me directly. 

My photography, wildlife video and feature stories have been published around the world for decades.

I have become a teacher of photography and my private photo tour/workshops are in growing demand. Check out my workshops. I also do some public speaking about photography, here is a sample presentation.  I have been contracted to speak in Europe, Oceana and Asia.

My freelance photography bifurcated to include graphic design work, which opened the door to web publishing requiring that I learned to write. I publish  The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide.

I write because there are things that need to be said. I write because my odd anecdotal life is full of funny stories. I write because people are interested in where I have been. Sometimes I write to make the complex understandable so simpletons like me can understand. My blog post articles are available for syndication.

Wildlife is a large part of my portfolio, I photograph wildlife only in wild places! I see other photographers making good money photographing animals in game farms and zoos and it is slightly tempting to join the gravy train. As tempting as it is, the way I see it, as soon as I photograph in a game farm  I have thown doubt onto the rest of my portfolio and ruined its integrity. If anyone buys a wildlife photo from Daryl L. Hunter they will know it was a product of the wild.

Photography has more pay offs than monetary. It drives us to search out pretty places or to dissect our surroundings to find it where we are. It makes us seek out beautiful things even in adverse conditions. Wherever we go we are looking for a beautiful rectangle we can isolate out of the chaos of life, when you are always seeking beauty, you will find more than your share - that is rich. 

Daryl's Book

Grand Teton Photography and Field Guide